If You’re In Financial Distress Or Are Struggling To Make Your Mortgage Payment, Then You’ve Come To The Right Source!

In some cases, people can experience heightened levels of stress and an out of control feeling—and possibly be facing the loss of their home through foreclosure. Many are stressed because they’ve experienced one or more of the following:

• Loss of Job
• Reduced Income
• Business Failure
• Damage to Property
• Death of a Spouse
• Death of a family member

• Severe Illness
• Inheritance
• Separation
• Divorce
• Mandatory Job Relocation
• Medical Bills

• Military Service
• Payment Increase
• Mortgage Adjustment
• Insurance Increase
• Tax Increase
• Too Much Debt
• Incarceration


I can sell a property for an owner thru a “short-sale” and eliminate the huge mortgage and property tax payments! It can be a “primary residence,” “second home,” “unsold new construction,” “investment property” or “commercial property.” To accomplish this, I become the Realtor® for the homeowner. But, the best part is, the seller pays no commissions, no attorney fees, and no transfer tax…. NOTHING! The seller’s transaction fees, in a successful short-sale, are ZERO!*

A “short-sale” is a sale of a real estate property in which the market value/sales price of the property is less than the combination of the balance owed (including any penalties, interest, fees, common charges in arrears, etc.) on a loan plus all transaction expenses to sell the property (commissions, attorney fees, transfer taxes, etc.). In a short-sale, the bank or mortgage lender agrees to take less than the balance due on the mortgage to sell the house, as long as the seller is truly in an economic or financial hardship.

I recently completed a rigorous training course to become a “Certified Distressed Property Expert” (CDPE). In addition to my success in selling real estate in this market, this certification gives me the proper tools, systems, insights and “tricks of the trade” to successfully complete a short-sale transaction for a “financially distressed homeowner.” This means when I obtain a short-sale approval, I will have received approval from the bank to allow the property to be sold for less than owed! Really, it’s true!

And, you pay no commissions, no attorney fees, no transfer tax…NOTHING! Contact me today to get qualified, get sold and get control of your life again!

* For those who qualify. A residual “deficiency judgment” balance and/or tax implication may or may not apply after closing. Consult with your accountant or attorney. Or call for details.